A Few Words About T.O.(C. Smith,JR)

Terrell Owens….does the world really revolve around him ? Does he truly expect any of us to believe he signed a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles last season which somehow paid him less than he is “worth” ? How is it even possible a loud mouth like T.O. (who openly claims to be the best thing since sliced bread any chance he gets) could have signed for less than his fair market value ? He claims he has to “feed” his family. My question is simply, “what does his family eat that won’t be covered just by the $7 million signing bonus he received from Philly last season ? His signing bonus alone was more money than 90% of all Americans will earn over a lifetime ( for those of you who like numbers, one needs to earn $100 K per year for 70 years just to make $7 million – who knows what it would take to actually have $7 million in the bank at any given time ). Now back to the issue at hand, indeed one could argue T.O. did turn out to be the missing piece to the Philly Super Bowl puzzle, but then again, he always implied he was, and that’s why the Eagles signed him, but now he claims to have sold himself short.
T.O. has now been suspended until August 17th for arguing with Head Coach Andy Reid, apparently in regards to an autograph session which T.O. did not want to attend. Hmmm…the last time I checked, the Fans were the ones footing the bill. Bottom line – The Eagles cannot allow an entire team to be held hostage by someone acting like a self deluded ego-maniac. Besides, there are just way too many good wide receivers in the league right now. It’s time for the Eagles to just say “Hey, thanks for helping us get to that Super Bowl, you played hard and you’re one of the best receivers in the game….put it on your resume”. See ya’.

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