MLB Issues ( C.Smith, JR )

So, let me get this straight. Texas Rangers’ Pitcher Kenny Rogers actually had his 20 game suspension reduced to 13 games after arbitration (Rogers had been caught on tape actually pushing and shoving cameramen during pre-game warm up)…He did of course have the full support of MLB Players Union Chief Donald Fehr. Rafael Palmeiro who swore before Congress that he had never ever used steroids gets busted for using steroids just a few months later….He also has the full support of Union Chief Donald Fehr. Enough already ! I do understand the Union is supposed to do what is in the best interest of the players, but at what point do these players have to stand up and be held accountable for their own actions ? These are after all grown men. Doesn’t Fehr understand what it is to be an enabler ? He too is a grown man. The more freedom, the more responsibility, yep gotta take the bitter with the sweet. The Players also have a responsibility as role models. Yes, they do. It goes with the territory. The only reason Players are paid so much is because of television and advertising, which translates into millions of people watching them, which means kids (and adults) having posters on their walls and going to the stadiums etc..If the Players don’t like the responsibility of being role models, perhaps they should just go out and get regular 9 to 5 jobs(with only three weeks vacation every year, not 4 months) and try living on $30K to $50K per year like most Americans, in which case they would have their privacy and would not be idolized by anyone except possibly their family and friends. Let me stay the path here, these players do know right from wrong and should remember the old saying ” Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”. At a certain point, one could draw a parallel between Donald Fehr and an attorney for the mob; not that all MLB Players are corrupt, but it appears as though Fehr and a mob attorney operate on the same principles. The true spirit of a Union is to insure fair treatment, salaries and acceptable working conditions, not making excuses for truly unacceptable behavior. Fehr has also fought MLB on the issue of steroid testing and punishment resulting from the use of steroids. My question is quite simply, why ? What motivation could Fehr possibly have in defending a player caught using steroids ? Do the players really believe that steroid use is in their best interest ? Well…… I mean in the long run. Bottom line; these players need to start accepting responsibilty for their actions, and show the integrity and character of grown men rather than spoiled children when facing adversity…..Enough with all the codependent nonsense. See ya’.

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