T. Ooohhhh !!

As I stated before the NFL season began, the Philadelphia Eagles needed to rid themselves of Terrell Owens – I shall not repeat my reasoning, just scroll back and read my post from August. They have finally done so ( Of course, the NFLPA has filed a grievance – I’d love to hear them pleading a case in FAVOR of T.O., ya’ gotta love Unions – no worker is ever in the wrong). The only question now is, where does T.O. go from here ? There is but one team left, there is only one place on the Planet ( or in the Universe ) where a chemistry killer like this would be welcome. A team craving publicity, a team who’s Owner has a history of signing misfits and constantly making decisions which leave the rest of the football world scratching their collective heads and questioning his sanity. Yes, THAT owner. Already with societal misfit Randy Moss on the roster, look for T.O. to also suit up for the Oakland Raiders in the not-too-distant future. Hey, you’ve gotta admit that with Kerry Collins at QB, and both Moss and Owens along with Jerry Porter ( also a very talented wide receiver ), it would be quite an Air show up in the Bay Area and finally the two mouthiest receivers in the league ( I think they may have actually been seperated at birth) will both simultaneously get their just desserts, having to play with mirror images of themselves. It would be high drama in Oakland, and let’s face it, the TV ratings would go through the roof. Stay tuned. See ya’

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