PLAXICO must Go !

The end draws nigh. Plaxico Burress of the New York Giants will always have his Super Bowl winning Touchdown catch against the Patriots. If you’ll remember, he also predicted his Team would win by 4 points despite be a double digit underdog in said Super Bowl.
The Giants became Champions last season despite the absence of two offensive players (Jeremy Shockey – Broken Leg & Tiki Barber – Retirement) considered by many to be irreplaceable. As of the writing of this article, the Giants have amassed a season record of 11-1 despite the absence of two defensive players (Osi Umenyiora – torn ACL & Michael Strahan – Retirement) considered by many to be irreplaceable. This team can also live without Burress.
Plaxico Burress has finally outdone himself. A self-inflicted gunshot wound at a New York Nightclub ? First of all, why go somewhere where one needs to carry a Gun ? Also, why would you have a round in the chamber ? And lastly, if you are going to have a round in the chamber, why wouldn’t you have the safety on ?
Plaxico has a long history of disciplinary issues going all the way back to his days as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers and coming forward to the 25 – 30 times he has been fined since joining the Giants as a Free Agent in 2004.
This is the final straw, Plax’ saving grace has always been his willingness to give 100% on gameday, but he has finally gotten to the point of being a Public embarrassment not only to his team and himself, but also to the National Football League itself. Giants Coach Tom Coughlin has always been known as a strict disciplinarian. Add to that, the no-nonsense approach of NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell and this latest incident (which should also include a felony charge of carrying a firearm without a license), not to mention the emergence of Wide Receiver Dominik Hixon and you have the Perfect Storm. The Giants will be fine, Plax will become the next Pacman Jones, and in another season or two, the Oakland Raiders may very well be sporting a couple of new Receivers – Michael Vick and Plaxico Burress.
Through it all, Plax should consider himself extremely lucky. He only shot himself in the Thigh, a few more inches this way or that way, and he might be singing soprano.
See Ya’

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