Crief’s NFL picks 2010

With the National Football League season about to begin on Thursday night, I thought I’d take another stab at predicting the season outcome before it starts. So here is my picks for the eight division races and the playoffs:

West                             North                               South                                   East
San Diego 9-7              Baltimore 12-4               Indianapolis 12-4               NY Jets 11-5
Denver 6-10                Cincinnati 9-7                 Tennessee 10-6                 Miami 10-6
Oakland 5-11               Pittsburgh 9-7                Houston 9-7                       New England 9-7
Kansas City 4-12         Cleveland 4-12               Jacksonville 7-9                 Buffalo 3-13

West                               North                              South                                    East
San Francisco 10-6      Green Bay 13-3             New Orleans 12-4              Dallas 10-6
Arizona 8-8                   Minnesota 11-5             Atlanta 10-6                        NY Giants 9-7
Seattle 7-9                     Chicago 5-11                  Carolina 8-8                        Philadelphia 7-9
St. Louis 3-13                Detroit 3-13                  Tampa Bay 4-12                 Washington 6-10

Wild Card Round
NY Jets over Tennessee, San Diego over Miami
Dallas over Atlanta, Minnesota over San Francisco

Division Round
Baltimore over San Diego, NY Jets over Indianapolis
Green Bay over Minnesota, New Orleans over Dallas

Championship Round
Baltimore over NY Jets
Green Bay over Minnesota

Super Bowl XLV
Baltimore over Green Bay

Yes, I believe that with the additions on offense the Ravens will win games that the last two seasons they couldn’t or won by just a few points.  I also think the Packers will get another big year from Aaron Rodgers and home field in the NFC will help them get to the big game.

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