Inside Sports previews NHL season this week

On this week’s edition of the weekly sports show INSIDE SPORTS on Exscape.TV, we’ll be previewing the 2010-11 National Hockey League season.

Dan Rosen will help us figure who is winning the Cup this season

We’ll be joined by Dan Rosen of to look at the Eastern Conference, and our hockey correspondent Courtney Ports to preview the Western Conference. Be sure to watch INSIDE SPORTS every week on Exscape.TV – check out our page by clicking here to watch past episodes that you might have missed.

Meanwhile, you should check out our friends at Bowl Gamer which are putting up a weekly Top 20 and Bowl Projections every Monday, and five things to watch for every Friday night. Click here for the latest Top 20 poll, which both Charles and Jon are contributors to.

Back to hockey, we also encourage you to read what Charles and Jon are writing about covering the Ducks and the Kings. Charles covers the Ducks for The Fourth Period Magazine’s on-line site, and he writes for Hockey Talk about things happening league wide. Jon covers the Kings for

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