College football is our theme this week

On the latest edition of INSIDE SPORTS, Charles E. Smith Jr. and Jon Moncrief focus on the world of college football. With big games in the next two weeks determining the fate of the BCS Bowl Games and much more, we are joined by our college football correspondent Chris Griffin from to break down the big matchups.

We also have two great interviews that we conducted back at Pac-10 Media Day that we are anxious to showcase this week: Oregon State running back Jacquizz Rodgers and USC quarterback Matt Barkley.

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For the latest information about college football, we ask you to visit our friends at Bowl Gamer. Each week, they have a Top 20 on Monday complete with bowl projections, and the poll is conducted with sports writers and bloggers who cover all of college football and are in the know. On Fridays, they also have ‘Five things to watch for” every single week that is jammed with great information and observations. Additionally, they have a great trivia game engine where you can win great prizes.

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