MIKE EMRICK message to Jim Fox

In advance of this week’s appearance by Mike Emrick on INSIDE SPORTS, we shared this quick video clip a few weeks ago of Mike chastizing LA Kings analyst Jim Fox for his views on Jon’s favorite all-time goaltender Martin Brodeur. Please allow me the chance to set this up, and also to note that Fox will get his chance at rebuttal in a few weeks right here on INSIDE SPORTS.

Last season, before we all learned that Jonathan Quick could carry the load as the goaltender for the LA Kings, some of us wondered aloud at practice whether or not he could. The discussion then led, off-the-record of course, amongst the few of us standing ice level with press credentials as to whether or not there might be a different answer. Jon suggested aloud at the time that if there were ever a time for the Devils, always known as a franchise not defined by their players, to move Brodeur it would be then.

Jim knew that Jon was from Jersey and before entering the world of credentialed journalist was a die-hard Devils fan. So he stated, “I don’t think Brodeur is one of the ten best goaltenders in the league right now.” After a minute of blood finishing shooting out of Crief’s ears, he challenged him to go through the league with him to find the identity of those ten goaltenders better than Brodeur. It took him until we got to Minnesota alphabetically that before he understood he was as much goating me into getting upset as he was being serious.

Since then, there has been a nice playful back-and-forth between them about the Devils and about Brodeur. So when Doc found out, he felt the need to “stand up” in a totally unprompted way, and the rest is history. We promised Doc we would only show it on our show once, and will do so as a set-up to Jim being on our show in early December.

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