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The second episode of the second season of INSIDE SPORTS is now available for you fans to enjoy watching. Please click on the WATCH NOW button above to be taken directly to the website with this week’s edition. Thanks to our friends at as our hosts this week.

Sunday brings the last true Sunday of football for die hard NFL fans this season, and maybe for a while if there is a labor stoppage next season. After all, while the Super Bowl has seen closer games in recent years, it’s still a game that has distractions attached to it.

Distractions like a 30 minute half time show. Distractions like all of those commercials, which means you can’t go to the bathroom until halftime for fear of missing that great commercial. Distractions like Bill O’Reilly interviewing President Obama during the 37-hour pre-game show. Distraction like the typical Super Bowl party where you have to interact with mostly non-NFL fans or non-die hards and have the inetiviable conversations like, “Why do they call it the red zone? How come Peyton Manning isn’t playing? When is halftime?”

So enjoy these games this weekend football fans. Here are our predictions; Charles and Jon are both 5-3 in the post-season so far:

  • Green Bay at Chicago – 3PM ET Sunday on FOX, Joe Buck with Troy Aikman, Pam Oliver, and Chris Myers: CHARLES SAYS Packers win 28-10; JON SAYS Packers win 27-20
  • NY Jets at Pittsburgh – 6:30PM ET Sunday on CBS, Jim Nantz and Phil Simms: CHARLES SAYS Steelers win 27-13; JON SAYS Jets win 20-17 (OT)

BTW, we have some news coming in the next week or two that we will be detailing here on our website about the future of the show (good news folks) in terms of where and when you can see and hear the show – stay tuned!

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