Dandy Dan helps break down the NHL Deals

We have a good show in store for you on INSIDE SPORTS this coming week.  If you haven’t seen the current episode featuring NHL legend Mel Bridgman, click here to watch it or click the WATCH NOW button on the toolbar at the top of the page right here.

Dan Moriarty joins Charles and Jon this week to talk NHL Trade Deadline

This coming Thursday we’ll be live streaming the taping of the latest episode on the home page of Syndicate Radio’s website, which you can reach by clicking here, at 4PM Eastern/1PM Pacific. This week, our in-studio guest will be Dan Moriarty. A radio show host on Fox Sports Radio, he’s probably most familiar to hockey fans as the host of NHL All-Access. He’ll join us to take a look at the deals made, and even some that weren’t, during Monday’s NHL Trade Deadline. He’ll also probably share some stories with us about some of the people he’s had the chance to interview during his career.

Also on this week’s show, we’re efforting an on-camera interview with one of the biggest name players moved during Monday’s deadline. And we mentioned last week that Charles and Jon went to Mater Dai High School in Orange County to speak with future potential broadcasting and journalism students. We even shot some video of them doing ‘mock interviews’ and we’ll show you some of the video from that day. The guys had a great time interacting with the students there.

Plus, with things heating up in college basketball, we’ll look at what’s happening with Selection Sunday less than two weeks away. So join us for INSIDE SPORTS live this week on Syndicate Radio and then on Saturday at our affiliate website Double G TV.

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