Moncrief Out 5-7 days

Jon Moncrief, in a scene eerily similar to that infamous evening in 1998 when a young Chris Pronger, then of the St Louis Blues was struck in the heart by a slapshot off the stick of Dimitri Mironov and collapsed to the ice in front of a stunned crowd at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, collapsed outside a local supermarket in Santa Clarita, CA.

When recounting the events leading up to the collapse, Moncrief said, “I felt like I was coming down with the flu, so I went to the store to get some soup”. What happened next will be remembered forever in the hearts and minds of many in Santa Clarita.

Crief always said he "has a face made for radio"

As the beefy 6’2″ co-host of INSIDE SPORTS left the supermarket with the aforementioned soup, he strolled leisurely across the parking lot and then suddenly felt an extreme shortness of breath. He leaned against a retaining wall, and tried valiantly to hold himself up. According to the host, affectionately known by hockey fans as ‘The Marshmallow,’ all that he remembered after that was staring facing down at the sidewalk with a stranger asking repeatedly, “Sir, are you okay . . . Sir, can you hear me?”

The unnamed Good Samaritan (the real hero in this story) called for an ambulance, which arrived directly and whisked our fallen warrior away to Henry Mayo Hospital.  Upon arrival, tests run on the heart of Moncrief revealed he indeed has the heart of a lion. A brain scan however, came back “negative”.

After several more tests, it was discovered the culprit was a blood clot in the lung, causing the shortness of breath and temporary loss of consciousness. Moncrief was started on a regimen of blood thinner on Friday, March 18th and was held over the weekend for observation.

Moncrief was finally released from the hospital on Wednesday, March 23rd, and at this time is on the INSIDE SPORTS “Physically unable to perform” list retroactive to March 16th. Upon hearing this news, at least one of Crief’s former girlfriends remarked, “I had him on that list years ago.” Another one said, “…that’s what she said.” Still another, all of them wishing to remain anonymous within the criteria specified in the witness protection program, stated, “that was a god damn shame is what that was.”

As a result, there will be no new episode of INSIDE SPORTS airing on the weekend of March 26th, although all past episodes are readily available and archived on Under continuing medical evaluation, it is not known at this time whether or not the “Jersey Jive-Talker” will be fit to co-host next week’s episode of INSIDE SPORTS. If so, the new episode will air on Saturday, April 2nd.

Asked for comment immediately following the incident, a confused Charles Smith, co-host and driving force behind the success of INSIDE SPORTS, was taken aback: “I can’t believe I walked on that sidewalk’s friggin’ pavement! Did you see Crief’s face?”

Fortunately, pictures of the incident are not available for public consumption, though we understand those super-journalists at TMZ are efforting them as this story is written. Stay with INSIDE SPORTS for more details about the ‘Crief Face Plant’.

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