New show coming next week

If you were hoping for a new episode of INSIDE SPORTS this week, we need to inform you that you’ll need to wait one more week.

Charles and Jon will return to full man power next week - you've been warned!

Jon Moncrief is still on the mend from his upper-body injury (you call that a body? body by Doritos maybe) and should be back to full strength on Monday. So look for Charles and Jon to be back next week.

In the mean time, if you need your Inside Sports fix, be sure to click the WATCH NOW button and watch our past episodes, filled with great takes and even greater guests.

We’ll have a new show next week, taping Thursday April 7 with a live streamming on SyndicateRadio.TV and the edited version on April 9th.

Also, a note to those waiting for our radio debuts: we will be postponing the start of the syndication of the shows on radio for at least one month. Thanks for your patience.

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