A Pinstripes Problems Six Pack of Thoughts

by Jake Stevens

By Jake Stevens,
INSIDE SPORTS Featured Columnist

You know it’s a really bad weekend for the Yankees when getting swept by the Red Sox at home wasn’t the worst thing that happened. That’s because their season of player discontent that started with Derek Jeter’s contract complaints continued on Saturday with a bizarre episode one would expect from their crosstown brethren Mets. I’m sensing the beginning of a major meltdown in the Bronx, but it could just be wishful thinking.

  • 1. So much for the team concept. Yankees manager Joe Girardi put Jorge Posada in the 9th spot in the order. Posada didn’t want to bat last, so he threw a hissy fit and refused to play. It didn’t matter with a batting average of .165 he was last in MLB in hitting. It didn’t matter his contract pays him $13.1M to not hit the baseball. Posada was taking his ball and going home. But not before his wife tweeted an excuse about a sore back. Pathetic!
  • 2. One down.I’m not an NBA guy. I enjoy the sport, but don’t live and die with it. But I will be physically ill if LeBron wins the title. “The Decision” was so despicable, I actually planned on rooting for the Lakers if they met the Heat in the finals, and I despise the Lakers. So I’m feeling good today after the Bulls trounced the Heat Sunday. Now they just need to win three more.
  • 3. I was rooting for that bull too. Chad Ochocinco is self-serving and irritating. He is quick to deflect credit from others to himself. He never misses a chance to be in the spotlight, like saddling up for a bull-riding competition. So of course I was cheering for Deja Blu, who sent him flying just moments after leaving the gate. I wonder if Chad will now change his name to un punto cinco (1.5 for those who don’t speak Spanish).
  • 4. He also plays a doctor on tv. After injuries forced Tiger Woods out of The Players Championship, Paul Azinger declared the bigger problem was in Tiger’s head. “He needs some professional help. He needs to have a shoulder to cry on,” Azinger said. Of course, that would force Tiger to admit he actually has a problem. And we all know that’s not going to happen.
  • 5. He should’ve thrown a no-hitter. How do you know things aren’t going your way? When you throw a one-hitter and lose. That’s what happened to Chad Billingsley on Saturday, as he gave up just a single hit in eight innings but the Dodgers lost 1-0 to the Diamondbacks. Thankfully for LA, the offense came around on Sunday, scoring one run in another loss.
  • 6. Like mother, like son. Mother’s Day was the week before, but Kevin Durant thanked his mom Sunday for helping the Thunder get to the Western Conference Finals. Durant had an awful shooting night in Game 6 and was struggling again in Game 7 when he saw his mother dancing during a timeout. “I knew she had those dance moves,” Durant said. “She used to do it all the time when I was young. She was having fun. I was glad to see that.” Perhaps inspired, he showed off his own moves on the floor, scoring 39 points to lead Oklahoma City to a 105-90 win.

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