INSIDE SPORTS’ Expert Picks-Stanley Cup final

The climactic moment is finally upon us. The final battle for NHL supremacy shall begin in Vancouver on June 1st.

Cup Final begins June 1st

The Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks will play a final best-of-7 series for all the marbles. There is a feel good story to be had no matter which team wins. The Boston Bruins last won the Stanley Cup in 1972, and since then, have endured fruitless trips to the Cup final in 1974, 1977, 1978, 1988, and 1990. The Vancouver Canucks have never won the cup, and have made it to the Cup Final twice (1982, 1994).
As the Cup Final approaches, the INSIDE SPORTS Expert Picks contest has also tightened up.

The dearly departed Jon Moncrief

Jon Moncrief, who unfortunately passed away on May 19th, had predicted a Vancouver/Boston Cup Final as the playoffs began. Jon entered the Conference final round in tied with Jake Stevens for 2nd place at 8-4, but now stands alone in 1st place with a record of 10-4.
Charles E Smith, Jr entered the Conference final with a record of 9-3, but picked Tampa Bay over Boston, and San Jose over Vancouver and enters the Cup final with a record of 9-5.
Jake Stevens entered the Conference final at 8-4, but did correctly predict Boston’s defeat of Tampa, which leaves him now tied with Mr. Smith.
Tom Walker entered the round with a record of 5-7, and also correctly picked Boston, so he now stands at 6-8 for the postseason.
Here are the picks for the Stanley Cup Final.

Jon Moncrief (10-4) – Vancouver in 5

Charles E Smith, Jr (9-5) – Vancouver in 6

Jake Stevens (9-5) – Boston in 6

Tom Walker (6-8) – Boston in 6

*Should Vancouver win, Jon Moncrief will have won the Postseason picks contest posthumously. Smith will finish second with a Canucks victory.
*Should Boston win, Jake Stevens will finish in a first place tie with Moncrief. Tom Walker will be looking forward to next season, no matter which team wins.


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