History Will Be Made

With the Stanley Cup Playoffs now in full swing, it is only fitting to have an ego-building contest between INSIDE SPORTS’ writers. Tom Walker, Jake Stevens, Jon Moncrief and Charles E Smith, Jr, will all be putting their dignity and reputation on the line in a no-holds-barred, winner-takes-all public Stanley Cup playoff predictions contest.
The competition had been underground until now. So, let’s bring everyone up to speed. Not surprisingly, Charles E Smith, Jr leads the contest, having correctly chosen Vancouver, San Jose, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, and Tampa Bay in the First Round for a record of 6-2. Next up is a tie between Jake (six-pack of thoughts) Stevens, and Jon (Jersey Jive-Talker) Moncrief at 5-3. Jake chose correctly Vancouver, San Jose, Detroit, Washington, and Philadelphia. Jon chose correctly Vancouver, San Jose, Washington, Boston, and Tampa Bay. Tom (Inside Sharks) Walker finished at 3-5, having chosen correctly Vancouver, San Jose, and Boston. Click here to read Mr Walker’s in-depth analysis of the recently completed first round, and preview of the second round. Without any further adieu, here are the Conference semi-final round predictions from the panel of experts:

#1 Vancouver Canucks vs # 5 Nashville Predators

Charles – Vancouver in 7
Jake – Vancouver in 6
Jon – Vancouver in 7
Tom – Nashville in 7

#2 San Jose Sharks vs # 3 Detroit Red Wings

Charles – San Jose in 6
Jake – San Jose in 6
Jon – San Jose in 7
Tom – San Jose in 7

#1 Washington Capitals vs #5 Tampa Bay Lightning

Charles – Tampa Bay in 7
Jake – Washington in 7
Jon – Washington in 6
Tom – Washington in 5

#2 Philadelphia Flyers vs # 3 Boston Bruins

Charles – Philadelphia in 6
Jake – Boston in 6
Jon – Boston in 6
Tom – Boston in 6

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