Stanley Cup Game 4 – Postgame Press Conference with both coaches

Cup Final now deadlocked at 2-2

After losing the first 2 games of the series, the Boston Bruins have turned the series around, by winning Game 3 by a score of 8-1, and Game 4 by a score of 4-0. Game 5 will take place in Vancouver on Friday, June 10th. The following is the transcript from the Game 4 postgame press conference, with Boston Head Coach Claude Julien, and Vancouver Head Coach Alain Vigneault.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Coach Julien.

Bruins have outscored Canucks 12-1 in last 2 games

Q. Claude, obviously your intuition on Rich Peverley filling in
Nathan’s spot turned out to be not bad.
COACH JULIEN: We had different looks. We saw Ryder go up there a
few times as well when Rich was killing penalties. I said I’d use
different players at that position.
Pev’s got good speed. Their line had forechecks pretty well with
Lucic on one side. We thought we’d keep that going. He still has pretty
decent hands.
We thought we would start with that. Michael is another guy who can
fit on that line as well. Certainly Tyler was a consideration. His skill
and speed level on that line at times also.

Q. This is a market that there’s lots of armchair coaches. Does it
ever bother you where people are second-guessing?
COACH JULIEN: No, because honestly I don’t hear it. I really don’t.
I stay away from that stuff. I need to come to the rink with a clear head.
I discuss obviously all the stuff that’s done. It’s not just about me.
It’s a coaching staff, management, stuff like that. We talk about
different things. Of course, the final decision always goes to the coach.
But it’s not like it’s all about me.
So those kind of things don’t really bother me because, as I
mentioned, I don’t really hear it and I don’t know about it, unless you
guys remind me.

Q. Claude, would you talk a little bit about Tim Thomas, not just
his play in the net but the way he approaches the game, the attitude he
brings on the ice.
COACH JULIEN: Well, it’s indicative of the way he’s had to battle to
get here, number one. Anybody that knows the story of Tim Thomas, he’s
taken a real bumpy road to get to the NHL. He’s had so many obstacles in
front of him that he’s overcome, it makes him a battler, it makes him the
perfect goaltender for our organization because that’s what we are, we’re a
blue-collar team that goes out and works hard and earns every inch of the
ice that you can get.
Tim fits well in regards to that. Again, the way he battles, he
never quits on any pucks, even to the point where he can let a bad goal in
every once in a while or a couple in a game, and you know that when the
game is on the line he’s going to be standing on his head again because he
battles through it.

Q. Over the past three seasons in the playoffs, it seems like the
other team has gotten the key goal at the key time. This year your guys
have answered the bell time and again. What do you attribute that to?
COACH JULIEN: I’ll tell you, you don’t get to where you are without
going through adversity, whether it’s in the past years, whether it’s
through the seasons. That’s how you grow. When you’ve been through a lot
of different things, you’re capable of learning from those things and
growing through those things. That’s what I’d like to attribute this to.
We’ve been through some tough times in the playoffs or the regular season.
We’ve had our ups and downs. You have to battle through those moments.
When you do that, you certainly become a better team.

Q. As we go now to Vancouver, is there something the team can take
west, something you saw here in Boston, that can carry over?
COACH JULIEN: I think we got to bring our game with us. Simple as
that. We have to bring our game. That has to continue in Vancouver. It
doesn’t matter where you are, you got to play the same way whether you’re
at home or on the road.

Q. Can you talk about what Rich Peverley has brought to this team,
not just tonight, but since he got here?
COACH JULIEN: We obviously had to make some deals at the end,
obviously balance the cap situation. We needed some depth. He was
certainly one of the guys that was targeted obviously in those deals. We
just felt like his versatility, whether he plays wing or center, he has
speed, we wanted to improve that area of our game.
We’ve used him on the power-play, we’ve used him on the penalty
killing units. He moved up on the Horton spot and moved well. He comes to
play every day. He’s a very serious athlete, takes good care of himself.
Right now he’s being rewarded.
I know he’s been through some tough years where he hasn’t played in
the playoffs. But certainly he’s been a guy that’s certainly enjoying the
moment and giving us what we need.
– END-

Interview with Vancouver Head Coach Alain Vigneault

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Coach Vigneault.

Canucks seem overwhelmed

Q. One of the things that seems to be an issue right now is getting
the puck out in your transition game. Do you see that as well? How do you
correct it?
COACH VIGNEAULT: Well, I thought our transition game was good in the
first period. I thought we moved the puck well, spent a lot of time in
their end. We made one defensive mistake there in the neutral zone where
the puck ended up in the back of our net.
Other than that, I liked the way we started. Unfortunately, you
know, they got a second goal and we seemed to play on our heels a little
bit after that, and we did lose some of our north/south and some of our
But, I mean, we lost the game and we’re going to get ready for Game 5
at home in front of our fans.

Q. Given the way the last two games have gone, what is your team’s
confidence level like right now?
COACH VIGNEAULT: It’s real good. You know, if somebody would have
told me at the beginning of the year that we could play for the Stanley
Cup, best two-out-of-three series with home ice advantage in front of our
fans, I would have taken those odds, I would have taken that anytime to
play for the big prize.
That’s what we’ve got right now. We’re going to put these last two
games behind us. We play real well at home. We’re going to go and feed
off the energy from our fans and give it our best shot.

Q. I know they’re getting chances, but the Sedins have combined for
two points in four games. What can you do to get them fired up and going?
COACH VIGNEAULT: They’re fired up. They’re playing for the Stanley
Cup. They spent a lot of time in the other team’s end tonight with no
results to show at the end. But it’s not from lack of effort, not from
lack of playing the right way.
They did a good job. You got to give that team credit. You know,
they’re playing a smart game. Right now they’ve been able to shut us down
offensively here for the last two games.

Q. Would you comment on the play and the behavior of Tim Thomas.
COACH VIGNEAULT: He’s one of the best goalies in the league. I
mean, he’s up for the Vezina. He plays his own style and he’s playing it
well right now. He’s giving his team a real good chance to win.

Q. Kevin Bieksa was saying maybe you’re giving Tim Thomas too much
credit, not getting enough at him, not getting to him enough. Do you see
that to be the case as well?
COACH VIGNEAULT: Well, obviously against a team that plays the way
Boston does, you got to get to the inside a little bit more. All those
things that we hear when a team doesn’t score goals, you got to get more
pucks to the net, more people to the net, etc. That’s what we’ve got to
try and do.

Q. Is it harder to do that against him because of where he plays and
the fact he’s all over the place?
COACH VIGNEAULT: Well, he’s obviously one of the few goaltenders in
the NHL that plays that way. But his numbers are great. He has also in
the past, for whatever reason, given up quite a few goals on certain
occasions. He hasn’t done that yet.
Obviously, we’re maybe responsible partly for that. We haven’t done
a good job of getting to the net, getting the screens. We’re going to talk
about that tomorrow and see if we can’t fix it.

Q. Does Keith Ballard have the confidence to be out there right now?
On Louis, your thoughts on his confidence?
COACH VIGNEAULT: Louis is going to be fine. He’s one of the best
goaltenders in the league. We’ve got a lot of trust and faith in him, in
his ability to play well.
Obviously for Keith, not easy to be put in this situation. But
that’s the situation he’s in.

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