Stanley Cup Final – Game 5 Postgame Interviews with Both Coaches

After being outscored 12-1 over the course of Games 3 and 4 in Boston, Vancouver circles the wagons in Game 5 and steals

Canucks lead Cup Final 3 games to 2

a 1-0 shutout win at home. Roberto Luongo, who had been shelled in the last two games, stopped all 31 shots by the Bruins.
The following is the Game 5 postgame transcript of the interviews with Vancouver head coach Alain Vigneault & Boston head coach Claude Julien. Vancouver now leads the series 3 games to 2, and can win the first championship in franchise history with a win in Boston on Monday night.


Q. Alain, your goalie yesterday, Roberto Luongo, spoke confidently

Roberto Luongo gets the shutout in Game 5

about your team’s chances today and himself and he sort of exuded that
leader-like presence and I guess he knew something a lot of people didn’t
for tonight.
COACH VIGNEAULT: Everybody in our dressing room and around our
organization knows Roberto’s character and his competitiveness and how he
prepares himself.
He went out tonight and he played a great game for us.

Q. Could you talk about his resiliency? I think people outside your
team don’t see him on a day-to-day basis like you all do, but the fact that
he can go through two games like that and come out with a performance like
COACH VIGNEAULT: I think at the end of the day, in Boston a lot of
the attention was put on Roberto, but it was the whole group. This is a
team game and our whole group in Boston had two good first periods. For
whatever reason, in the second period, we didn’t play well. They took
advantage of it and they took it to us.
Tonight I thought we had some penalties to kill in the first. He
made some huge saves. We wanted to make sure we had a better second
period. In the second period, I thought we played real strong and both
goaltenders were amazing.
It was a great hockey game. They weren’t giving up anything. And
the puck got across the line by a couple of inches, that’s the game.

Q. Kevin made the remark that Christopher Tanev looked like he could
have played that game with a cigarette in his mouth, that’s how calm he
was. Your thoughts on the youngster’s play?
COACH VIGNEAULT: Chris, every time we’ve needed him this year,
showed a lot of poise. He can take a hit to make a play and move the puck
real well. I was confident that putting him in and putting him with
Andrew, that it would work out real well for us and it did.

Q. Alain, there were long periods in that game where you couldn’t
buy a call. Was there anything said between periods to any of your players
or any interchange?
COACH VIGNEAULT: No. If you look at our team, we play
whistle-to-whistle. We do the best we can to stay out of the scrums even
though sometimes we’re hauled into them.
But our guys just play. The only guy sometimes that talks to the
referees, and that’s when I ask, that’s Hank. We didn’t do that tonight.
We tried to play and that’s it.

Q. Coach, was there any difficulty at all regrouping the players and
getting them refocused after the two games in Boston?
COACH VIGNEAULT: No, I mean we’re playing for the Stanley Cup Final
here. This is the hardest thing each and ever one of us has tried to do.
We’re trying our best. They’re trying their best. Their working their
butt off, so are we. It’s real competitive and real great hockey out
I knew our guys were going to be focused. That’s what we can
control, is how we play. And our guys went out and played hard.

Q. Alain, the bounce pass off the end boards, is that tactical
because he plays so far out?
COACH VIGNEAULT: He does play out, and their D’s do block shots.
Sometimes all you have is a short-side shot. I think that’s what Kevin had
right there. It took a bounce the right way, right to the other side. Max
was able to find the back of the net.

Q. Your thoughts on being one win away from the Stanley Cup?
COACH VIGNEAULT: You’ve heard me say this a thousand times and it
will be a thousand and one now. One game at a time. We’re going to take
tomorrow to travel to Boston, relax tomorrow, have a good practice the next
day, and then we’re going to focus on the process, focus on what we need to
do to put our best game on the ice.

Q. Tough generating offense obviously tonight. Luongo played well,
but did you feel like you didn’t test him as much as you needed?

Tough Loss for the Bruins

COACH JULIEN: We didn’t. I think a lot of the things that you saw
tonight are a lot of the things that you saw in the first two games. Good
effort, not good enough. Times where we should have gotten the puck in
deep and established our forecheck, wasn’t obvious. We turned some pucks
Give credit to the goaltender. He played well tonight, but we
certainly didn’t make it as hard on him as we did in the last two games at
home. Those are things that I remember the most from this game that
certainly we could have done better.

Q. Coach, why do you think the team hasn’t been able to win, either
team hasn’t been able to win on the road in this series?
COACH JULIEN: It is what it is. The two teams that are here are
good teams and they don’t give home ice advantage away that easily. So
they’ve been good in their own building.
I think we’ve been a decent road team for most of the season, and
right now, what we have to do is go back home and create a Game 7 so we get
another shot at ’em here.

Q. Claude, talk about the three power plays you had in the first
period and what you thought of them and the decision to use Steven Kampfer
more tonight than we’ve seen in the past on the power play there?
COACH JULIEN: He’s done a pretty good job in front of the net and he
certainly is good at tipping and, obviously, screening. But, you know, I
don’t think we’re capable of doing much with him in front because we
weren’t getting the set that we wanted to get in the offensive zone.
Certainly didn’t play in our favor.
Had we managed to get control of the puck and move it around and
create some shots, he would have been a valuable player up front there
where he normally does a good job.

Q. The thoughts of going home, regrouping, you’ve done it there
before. Is it any different now when you’re facing elimination?
COACH JULIEN: Not at all. We’ve been through this, I don’t know how
many times, so it’s not something that’s new to us. We’ve had to regroup
all year. I don’t think we’re a team that’s done anything the easy way, so
in certain ways, it’s not a surprising that we’re here in this situation
where we got to bring our team back home and create a Game 7.
Two of the last three rounds we have been through seven-game series,
so our goal right now is to create another one.

Q. Claude, does it feel like the power play took a couple of steps
forward at home and now it took steps back? Is it a recurring theme as far
as the playoffs and the season even?
COACH JULIEN: The other night, although we didn’t score, we had much
better chances than we did tonight. Tonight was certainly not a good night
for a power play. It wasn’t a good night for our whole team, as far as
creating good, quality scoring chances. We had some, but the thing, again,
that we need to do a lot better is get to that front of the net.
We had guys, again, there, but on the side. We need to be a little
more aggressive in that area than we were tonight. That’s so huge for a
hockey club and we need that.

Q. Claude, your view of the goal there, do you see that as a
fortunate bounce off the back with the guys left unprotected or do you
think that that’s the play they’re going for, get the ricochet?
COACH JULIEN: Well, I don’t think that was necessarily a play they
were going for from where the guy shot it to where it came out. He was
pretty wide. Normally those pucks from where he shot it don’t normally
come out there. But nonetheless, you make your own breaks.
I think tonight as a whole, they were the better team. We have to,
again, acknowledge that, because if we don’t, we’re not going to be a
better team next game.

Q. Could you comment on how you saw the physical play and some of
the “nastiness,” for lack of a better word, compared to what happened in
the last two games at Boston?
COACH JULIEN: I don’t think it’s anything different. It’s a series
that has a lot of body checks. I know they dominated and, for the first
period at least, I know it was about 21 to 13 or something like that.
But with the power plays we had and the way we started off the game,
the team that’s chasing the team that has the puck the most is going to end
up with the most body checks. So you got to be careful how you look at
those things.
They had an edge tonight. They were in front of their home fans and
they seemed to thrive on that. They came out hard and were a committed

Q. Coach, you did a good job of shutting the Sedins down, the big
line, but normally you wouldn’t think you would get beat by Maxim Lapierre,
a six-goal scorer. Is that the strength of that team, they’re third line
comes up big and ends up winning the game for them?
COACH JULIEN: Well, you know, I guess if you want to look at
tonight, you look at it that way. Our third line has Michael Ryder and
Tyler Seguin who scored a lot, Daniel Paille scored a big goal for us
short-handed in Boston. So I don’t think their depth is any better than
ours. I don’t believe that anyway.
So it’s just one of those nights where one goal was scored and it
happened to be from their third line, but it doesn’t mean that their third
line dominated our bottom two lines. He just happened to be at the right
place at the right time.

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