A Cheers and Boos Six-Pack of Thoughts

Six-Pack of Thoughts

I can’t even imagine how difficult the week was for Josh Hamilton. The friendly act of tossing a baseball to a fan turned into an awful tragedy when firefighter Shannon Stone fell over the railing and died while trying to catch it. Of course, it’s much worse for Stone’s family, who lost a husband and a father. But it had to be hard on Hamilton, who was distraught after learning the news and is clearly still affected.

by Jake Stevens

With that as the backdrop, it was nice to see him hit a walk-off home run on Saturday, allowing him some joy in the game of baseball. Even though he was excited by his feat, he mentioned Stone in his postgame comments and said he was still “thinking about him and grieving about the situation.” Cheers to Hamilton and cheers to Nolan Ryan and the Rangers organization, who have handled the situation as well as possible. If you’re interested in making a donation to the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation Memorial Account in Honor of Shannon Stone, please click here.

There were plenty more moments to cheer, but also lots of reasons to boo as well. Without further adieu, the week that was in the world of sports.

1) CHEERS for the U.S. women’s World Cup team, rallying in the 122nd minute to tie the game on Abby Wambach’s header and win on penalty kicks. BOOS to those same women and the U.S. media for whining about referee calls that appeared correct on replay. And BIG BOOS to the Brazilian women, who tried to run out the clock by faking a series of injuries that turned a “beautiful game” into an ugly, embarrassing loss.

2) CHEERS for Derek Jeter, becoming the 28th player to reach 3,000 hits and just the second to do so with a home run (Wade Boggs was the first). BOOS to John Sterling, the Yankees radio announcer, who mentioned the 3,000 hit almost as an afterthought (the radio call picks up at :51 seconds). A SLIGHT CHEERS for Sterling for using my signature line, “There It Is !”

3) CHEERS for MLB for the upcoming All-Star Game in Phoenix. BOOS to the withdrawal of 15 players due to various reasons including injuries and ineligible pitchers.

4) CHEERS for the Pittsburgh Pirates, reaching the All-Star Break with their best mark (47-43) since 1992, the last time they finished with a winning record. BOOS to the San Diego Padres, who traded away their best hitter (Adrian Gonzales) in the off-season and this year have been shutout 15 times and scored just a single run 15 other times in their 92 games.

5) CHEERS for Kentucky Speedway, which sold out the inaugural NASCAR Sprint Cup race. BOOS to Kentucky Speedway, which didn’t anticipate and handle the traffic for the race, resulting in a 15-mile backup on I-71 and leaving thousands of fans unable to attend the race. I wonder if Jerry Jones was involved in the planning for the event.

6) BOOS to the NFL for the ongoing lockout, the most sickening stoppage in the history of sports.


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