Cheers & Boos

So, the NFL owners and players finally decided to stop acting like
infants in the sandbox fighting over a toy. Yippee! Call me a
killjoy, but I’m not doing cartwheels over the settlement. I’m still
outraged by the ridiculous lockout and so should the fans, who could
now speak with their wallets by boycotting this season but of course
won’t. I suppose when they actually play games again I might feel
better about it, but right now I’m keeping my anger level at DEFCON 1.
With that as a backdrop, here’s this week’s Cheers and Boos.

by Jake Stevens

CHEERS – For the Jets, who agreed to pay back wages lost by employees due to the lockout.
BOOS – To Roger Goodell saying the resolution was good news for
everybody, considering both sides will now remember their true common
enemy is the fans.
DEAFENING BOOS – To whomever started the Brett Favre to the Eagles
rumors. I seriously hate that person. And if Favre actually comes
back, I’m getting Joshua to launch the missiles!
CHEERS – For the Pittsburgh Pirates, who rallied three times before
beating the St Louis Cardinals in extra innings, propelling themselves back
into 1st place in the NL Central. If you ever needed a bandwagon to
jump on, here it is.
BOOS – To the Seattle Mariners, who have now lost 15 straight games.
If you ever needed a sinking ship to abandon, here it is.
CHEERS – For LA police, who now have suspects in custody for the
Opening Day beating of a Giants fan at Dodger Stadium.
BOOS – To MLB for waiting way too long to take a stand against Mayor
McCheap aka Frank McCourt. Had Bud Selig moved faster, the above
mentioned incident may never have happened, not to mention the mess
the franchise has become.
BOOS – To Tiger Woods, for not paying caddy Steve Williams for the
time he was out injured, either physically or mentally, then firing
him when he caddied for another player to make money.
BOOS – To Williams, for being Tiger’s enforcer and acting like a jerk
all these years and now crying about how he was dumped and planning to
write a book.
CHEERS – For all those whose livelihoods are attached to the NFL,
including employees, locals businesses, etc, who thankfully can now
move forward with their work and lives.


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