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Another Gem from Jake Stevens

There’s nothing quite like college football…the players, the pageantry, the fans, the cheerleaders, the unique settings, the upsets, the near-misses, the embarrassments and, of course, the discussion of which team is bolting for a super conference next.  After a winter, spring and summer of absolute disaster discontent, the opening weekend gave us moments we’ll long remember (or ones we hope to forget).

CHEERS for Baylor, which hadn’t beaten a ranked opponent since 2004.  The Bears upset #14 TCU, 50-48, after blowing a 47-23 lead in the 4th quarter.  The Robert Griffin III-led offense shredded the Horned Frogs defense for 50 points and seven touchdowns.  In five road games last year, TCU allowed a TOTAL of 54 points and seven touchdowns.
CHEERS to linebacker Brandon Herron of the Michigan Wolverines, who returned an interception 94 yards for a touchdown, the longest return in school history.  Not satisfied making the record books once, Herron later returned a fumble for a touchdown, becoming the first defensive player in the storied history of Michigan football to score twice in the same game. Fittingly, he was named the National Defensive Player of the Week.
CHEERS for the athletic directors of Michigan and Western Michigan, for ending their game in the 3rd quarter because of lightning-filled storms.
BOOS to the folks in South Bend, who decided finishing the Notre Dame loss to South Florida was more important than the safety of the young men on the field or the paying customers in the stands.
CHEERS for the LSU Tigers, who suspended key players prior to their big matchup with Oregon, then crushed the Ducks, 40-27.  LSU started the run of five straight national titles for the SEC and look primed to make it six, as long as head coach Les Miles doesn’t have to manage the clock at the end of games.
CHEERS for the Boise State Broncos, who reminded the country the SEC isn’t unbeatable.  BSU trampled the Georgia Bulldogs, 35-21, in a game that wasn’t as close as the final score.  The Broncos will now spend the rest of the year playing mediocre Mountain West teams, hoping to garner enough support to play for the BCS Championship.
BOOS to Texas A&M, Oklahoma and whatever other schools have decided to play conference carousel again right now.  We all know it’s about the money.  Can you at least keep quiet about it and let us enjoy the games on the field?
BOOS to the Indianapolis Colts for hiring Jim Tressel as their replay review coach.

Jim Tressel gets a "second chance"

  Seriously, you’re rewarding that liar for what he did at Ohio State by giving him a cushy pro job?  Hey, Tony Dungy, you’re the moral compass of the football world, he’s been hired by your former team.  Are you going to speak up?  Oh wait, you’re the man who has been backing Michael Vick, never mind.
A STRONG STARE at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who hasn’t made a public statement about the Tressel signing or the decision to keep him out until Week 7.  It was nice of the Colts to take you off the hook, but you still need to speak up.
BOOS to Tiki Barber and his agent for their pathetic plea for sympathy over Tiki not

Tiki Barber with his consolation prize

latching on to an NFL team for a comeback. The guy is 36, hasn’t played in five years and is a public pariah for leaving his pregnant-with-twins wife to shack up with a former NBC sports intern. This appeal to the masses is so amazingly pathetic, I’m not even going to play the world’s smallest violin for you!
CHEERS for Mark Herzlich, who not only survived bone cancer, but was able to return to college football last year and just made the NY Giants roster to start the season.


-Jake Stevens

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