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“It’s the Pac-16 minus 4”

Elisa Hernandez covers PAC12 Football

The Pac-12 announced that it will not be expanding, thus making the Super Conference Pac-16 only a dream. With Texas launching the Long Horn Television Network with ESPN, it seems to not match up with the plans Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott has with his Pac-12 Regional Network.

Larry Scott says 12 is enough

“We could have expanded, but the deal didn’t make any sense at the end of the day for us, especially given the position that we are in,” Scott told ESPN. “There is a very high bar. It’s hard to imagine very many scenarios for our conference to expand because the bar is so high.”
Although it’s probably the best move for the conference right now, to not rush into a power conference, some are still hoping that it happens.
“I would want them to come to the conference, because it’s more competitions for the players,” says Christian Thomas, Tight End for USC. “It’s better for the fans, it’s better for the coaching staff because you have to prepare something new every week.”
USC hosted its first inaugural Pac-12 game versus Utah Sept. 10, and continues to look forward to playing teams they haven’t in a while. One thing is for sure, college football still has questions lingering about possible changes, will Texas A&M leave the Big 12 ?
Although this is only the beginning for the Pac-12, could it be the end of the Big 12 ? Stay tuned . . .
* News Flash – Aggies to join SEC July 2012
ASU shocks # 23 USC, 43-22

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