Jake Stevens sounds off on Joe Paterno

By brightest day, by blackest night, no evil shall escape Jake's sight -

In the wake of scandal/coverup at Penn St University, our own Jake Stevens gives his take on the situation.

“Forget hindsight, you knew at the time you should’ve done more. You were told about a grown man on your football staff having sex with a minor in the shower. That doesn’t just go up the chain of command. You were Joe Paterno, King of State College, your voice carried more weight than anybody, you had to act, you knew it, but you protected your program and your friend. And don’t tell me it’s a great sorrow of your life. You still don’t want to accept it’s not about you, it’s about the young boys.”
– Excerpt from Jake Stevens blog regarding Penn St icon Joe Paterno’s statement about the recent scandal.
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