NFL set for fantastic finish

In what has already been a quite memorable season, the finish to this NFL season should be absolutely spectacular. 11 games are in the books,

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the bye weeks are over, there are only 5 games left to determine which teams will make it to the postseason dance, and which ones will be left out in the cold. There will be as much jubilation as heartbreak; as many cheers, as tears. This is what it’s all about. Both coaches and players, will have their jobs on the line. Welcome to the home stretch.

Let the most unforgiving game of musical chairs, begin.

As the saying goes, “Bets up, please”.

AFC: New England, Baltimore, Houston, and Denver, lead their divisions, and all are virtual locks to make the postseason.

Fighting for the 2 AFC Wild Card spots:

Indianapolis (7-4) – In good position, but nothing is set. Face a bitter Detroit team in week 13. Will still face Houston twice. Rookie Andrew Luck is really gonna have to show that he is the real deal.
Pittsburgh (6-5) – Riddled with injuries all season long. Bottom line, they will go nowhere w/o injured QB Ben Roethlisberger. Backup QB Charlie Batch simply cannot do it
Cincinnati (6-5) – Have won 3 straight, after having lost 4 straight. Their second 3 game win streak this season. Play 3 winnable games, before finishing out against Pittsburgh and Baltimore
Miami (5-6) – Still have to face New England twice, and have a game against San Francisco. It’s a real long shot. They can look back at the first half of the season, and wonder what could have been, if K Dan Carpenter hadn’t been so bad.

NFC: New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco lead their divisions, and seem destined for postseason play.

Fighting for the 2 NFC Wild Card spots:

Green Bay (7-4) – Had won 5 straight before losing to NY Giants in Week 12. No cakewalk – Still have 2 games against Minnesota, as well as another tilt with both Chicago and Detroit. May still overtake Chicago, and win their division
Minnesota (6-5) – Will probably seal their own fate, if they are not able to win at least one of two remaining games vs Green Bay. That said, they also have to play Chicago and Houston. Tough road.
Tampa Bay (6-5) – Tough games against Denver and New Orleans coming up. Face Atlanta in final game of season. A lot of pressure for a young team.
Seattle (6-5) – Two tough games will be Chicago and San Francisco. If they cannot win games against Arizona, Buffalo, and St. Louis, they do not deserve to make the postseason, nor will they.

Clinging to life, with 5-6 records – Dallas, Washington, New Orleans

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