March Madness is coming soon

It’s February. That means only one thing. Soon the countdown will begin. Soon the madness will set in. As unstoppable as a zombie apocalypse, the most frenetic month in all of sports – The 2013 NCAA Basketball tournament – a phenomenon known simply as March Madness will set it soon.

March Madness is coming !

There will be tears of joy, tears of sorrow. The word “Cinderella” will be used more in the month of March, than it is all year long. “Bracketology”, a term specifically created just for this tournament, will be on the lips of sports fans everywhere. 68 teams will start. When the smoke clears, there shall be but one team standing alone on the mountaintop. There will be blowouts, buzzer-beaters, and unfathomable upsets. Nobody knows when it will happen, but everyone knows it will happen. Which # 1 seed will fall first ? There will be office pools, and plenty of NCAA March Madness bets. At this moment, Indiana, Florida, Michigan, Duke, and Kansas are considered the Top 5 in the Nation, while for the first time in 20 years, North Carolina, Kentucky, and UCLA are all unranked concurrently. Kentucky won the 2012 NCAA tournament.
Be sure to check back here frequently, to get the latest College basketball tournament odds as the Madness draws nigh, and the excitement heats up.

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