NFL Week 4 – Ten keen observations

Russell Wilson destroyed the Houston Texans

Russell Wilson destroyed the Houston Texans

1) QB Russell Wilson is well on his way to becoming a legend in Seattle. Already invincible at home, the Seahawks’ gutsy comeback win in Houston cemented their spot as an elite NFL team.

2) The Gary Kubiak/Matt Schaub combo will never get the Houston Texans to the Super Bowl. Kubiak’s questionable playcalling, combined with Schaub’s inability to make crucial plays at crucial times, is a recipe for disaster come playoff time.

3) Looking at the play of the New York Giants, Washington Redskins, and Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys‘ 2-2 record looks like an insurmountable division lead. If Cowboys finish 8-8, it would make their third straight year of finishing at .500. The third time may be the charm.

4) The 0-4 Pittsburgh Steelers are in a lot more trouble than I thought. The kind of trouble which might see Head coach Mike Tomlin out of work before season’s end.

5) The Atlanta Falcons are not going anywhere unless both Steven Jackson and Roddy White are healthy. Julio Jones is an incredible talent, but if Super Bowl is the goal, they are gonna need the whole squad.

6) The 4-0 New England Patriots are a darn tough team. Tom Brady is cruising through this rough test. Though there were tense moments as they squeezed out wins in the first three games, the big win in Atlanta this weekend was a great boost of confidence. Brady now seems much more comfortable with all his no-name wide receivers.

7) Chip Kelly is falling on his face in Philly. On Sunday, the Eagles gave up 52 points to Denver, and now have three straight losses. It is anyone’s guess as to which team will win the “Something’s gotta give” Bowl next week against the struggling New York Giants.

8) New York Giants’ Head coach Tom Coughlin has been on the hot seat before, but this time I really hope he is wearing flame retardant underwear.

9) Starting QB Brian Hoyer ? The Cleveland Browns trade their future “franchise” running back, start their backup quarterback, and win two games in a row ? Perhaps the Trent Richardson trade was unnecessary. All they really needed to do was bench Brandon Weeden.

10) Demoted Tampa Bay QB Josh Freeman clearly does not understand the intangibles of playing in the NFL. Forget about being a starting quarterback, does he really think the attitude he is displaying, is one that any NFL GM or Head coach would even want to have in the locker room ? He is about to learn a very harsh life lesson.

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