NFL Week 5 – Ten Keen Observations

Winslow toe-tap beats Atlanta

Winslow toe-tap beats Atlanta

What has become apparent after five weeks of NFL Football :

1) The Dallas Cowboys are not going anywhere. Tony Romo is simply not capable of consistently executing crucial plays in the crucial moments of the game. Against the Denver Broncos, Romo threw for over 500 yards, and his team scored 48 pts, only to have Romo lose the game by throwing an interception on what should have been the game-winning drive – a microcosm of Romo’s career.

2) DT Vince Wilfork’s season-ending achilles injury may be more than the Patriots can handle. This was apparent when the Cincinnati Bengals went for it on fourth and goal from the one yard line (and scored) during this weekend’s 13-6 win over the Pats. No way would they have tried that, had the big man been in the middle.

3) Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is human after all.

4) Ed Reed spoiled what would have been a storybook ending to his Hall of fame career, when he signed with the Houston Texans in the offseason. He could have retired on the heels of winning his first Super Bowl (remember Jerome Bettis ?). Instead, he chose to squeeze the lemon dry. The Ed Reed currently playing in the NFL, is clearly just the empty shell of a former great NFL player.

5) Speaking of Houston, they do have a problem, and it ain’t gonna get fixed anytime soon.

6) Had rookie QB EJ Manuel not gotten injured, the AFC East would probably wind up being the most competitive division in Football. Much like the Cleveland Browns who lost QB Brian Hoyer, the Buffalo Bills can’t catch a break. Ironic, the teams lost their QB’s while playing against each other.

7) Since the Cleveland Browns traded Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts, neither team has lost a game.

8) QB Matt Flynn never was worth the hype, or the money, or . . . .

9) The Minnesota Vikings‘ acquisition of recently released QB Josh Freeman, wreaks of desperation.

10) When the New York Jets beat the Atlanta Falcons on MNF, it gave them a season win total which is greater than that of Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Washington, and the New York Giants, combined.

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