NFL Week 6 – Ten keen observations

Randall Cobb injured on low hit

After six weeks of NFL Football, these things have become clear:

1) The NFL has overreacted to concussion concerns. When players are moving at full speed, changing directions while running, leaping, and changing body position while airborne, how exactly can a defender tackle and make sure there is no possibility of hitting the receiver above the shoulder pads ? The only sure way to avoid a penalty, is to go low. That said, expect knee injuries like the one absorbed by Randall Cobb, to become more prevalent.

2) The New England Patriots are the most resilient team in the NFL. Seriously, it took only two weeks to overcome the loss of Vince Wilfork, and for Tom Brady to start trusting his no-name receiving corps ?

3) The Houston Texans are finished. Back to the dark ages. My condolences to JJ Watt. Harsh lesson being taught to Ed Reed, in regards to hanging around too long. Head coach Gary Kubiak is about to enter the most uncomfortable few months of his life.

4) After a near flawless performance in victory over the Indianapolis Colts on MNF, it is nearly impossible to make heads or tails of the San Diego Chargers. They have losses to Houston, Tennessee, and Oakland. Victories over Philadelphia, Dallas, and Indianapolis.

5) Whenever the Dallas Cowboys reach .500, it is time to cue the Super Bowl talk.

6) The Baltimore Ravens have an identity crisis on their hands. Are they gonna pound the rock with Ray Rice, or let Joe Flacco air it out ? They had better figure it out soon. It is as though the ghost of Cam Cameron has taken over the offensive play-calling.

7) The 6-0 Kansas City Chiefs do have a soft schedule this season, but Andy Reid still deserves Coach-of-the-year honors to this point in the season. He clearly has the the players believing they can win every week.

8) The Buffalo Bills are cursed. How can one team lose that many starting QB’s in one season ? Next up, newly acquired recently-released-by-the-Oakland Raiders QB, Matt Flynn.

9) Chip Kelly will not admit it, but there IS a QB controversy brewing in Philadelphia. Michael Vick is the present, Nick Foles is the future. Question is, when does the future begin ?

10) If the Jacksonville Jaguars played with a purpose every week, they would still not be a great team, or even a good team, but they wouldn’t be a joke anymore either.

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