NFL Week 7 – Ten keen observations

NFL finally suspends Brandon Meriweather

NFL finally suspends Brandon Meriweather

1) The Bum Phillips-led Houston Oilers teams of the 1970’s really meant a lot to the NFL. Both Phillips and Bud Adams will be missed.

2) If Peyton Manning does not have a problem with Big games; then it must be that big games have a problem with him. Maybe that’s what Jim Irsay really meant.

3) In the case of Houston Texans‘ QB Case Keenum, Keenum made a great case for himself in the game against Kansas City. Matt Schaub had gone belly-up before his injury, and TJ Yates has proven time and again, that he is not capable of playing NFL caliber football. Let the Case Keenum era begin.

4) Don’t know which quarterbacks are worse, those named “TJ” (Rubley, Yates) or those named “Billy Joe” (Tolliver, Hobert).

5) Last season, Joe Flacco’s decision to wait until season’s end to sign a knew contract, turned out to be a great move. Jay Cutler’s decision to do the same thing this season, has turned out to be a not so great move – Cutler’s groin injury this past weekend will sideline him 4-6 weeks.

6) Barring injury, Andrew Luck is going to have a stellar NFL career.

7) I had forgotten just how dynamic and exciting RG III is when healthy.

8) The NFL made the right move in suspending Brandon Meriweather for 2 games, after two helmet to helmet infractions in the game vs Chicago. Meriweather has been a cheapshot artist for years, and there is NO OTHER player in the league who has so consistently used the helmet as a weapon.

9) Even with the loss of Reggie Wayne to an ACL injury, the Indianapolis Colts will run away with the AFC South division title.

10) Something ain’t right in Baltimore.

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