Bulls Derrick Rose is out for the season

Derrick Rose - Again done for season

Derrick Rose – Again done for season

*NBA news: Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose is again out for the season after undergoing knee surgery.
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Anaheim Ducks beat Tampa Bay

Ryan Getzlaf provided late game heroics on Nov 22, 2013

Getzlaf comes up BIG

Getzlaf comes up BIG

- Click here to read full story on Examiner.com

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NFL Week 10 – Ten keen observations

NFL honors Military Vets

* NFL news – On Tuesday, Nov 12 2013, the Houston Texans announced they would part ways with former All-pro safety Ed Reed (Reed signed with New York Jets on Nov 13). Houston also announced that starting running back Arian Foster has been put on season-ending IR.

1) Ed Reed has made an unholy mess of what could have been a Hollywood ending to his Hall of fame career.

2) Whether they lose on the last drive, or get blown out, the Dallas Cowboys cannot survive against high-scoring teams.

3) The Jonathan Martin case just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.

4) I had forgotten that Carolina had a record of 1-3 after four games.

5) The Detroit Lions are actually going to win the NFC North. Yes, those Detroit Lions.

6) I wouldn’t bet against the 3-6 New York Giants to win the NFC East. If “Big Blue” wins next two games, they will have the same record as the Dallas Cowboys.

7) Whoever picked St. Louis, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay on their parlay ticket, turned a tidy profit.

8) In it’s quest for more scoring, the NFL has created an environment in which officials will penalize the defense for anything at anytime, without the slightest bit of hesitation, and no fear of consequences.

9) If you are a former NFL QB not named Matt Leinart, stay in shape. Some team out there may be calling you soon, as evidenced by Matt Flynn just having signed with the Green Bay Packers.

10) The NFL did a great job honoring all the Military veterans this past weekend. I am proud to have served.

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NFL Week 9 – Ten keen observations

* NFL Injury note – On Nov 5, 2013 it was announced that Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is expected to miss at least three weeks due to slight collarbone fracture suffered in 1st qtr of 27-20 loss to Chicago Bears on Nov 4.

Cam Newton quietly leading his team to a great season

Cam Newton quietly leading his team to a great season

1) Courtesy of Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, and RG III, the next ten years of NFL football are gonna be quite memorable.

2) As evidenced by the Indianapolis Colts and Seattle Seahawks, teams which came back to win after having been down by 18 and 21 points respectively, winning is as much about attitude as it is about talent.

3) Nick Foles is the future of NFL football in Philadelphia. Do I smell playoffs ?

4) With Case Keenum at the helm, the Houston Texans will be competitive very soon, and into the future, but playoff dream is over for this season.

5) Kansas City Chiefs are the most fragile 9-0 team I have ever seen.

6) The real problem in Baltimore is not about effort or chemistry. It is that Ray Rice simply is not the dynamic force he once was. You heard it here first.

7) It has come to light that NFL coaches average 100 hour work weeks during the season, and then about 80 hours a week up until Draft day. Get well soon, Gary Kubiak and John Fox.

8) The 5-3 Carolina Panthers have the third best point differential (+98) in the NFL.

9) In the case of Trent Richardson, I have never before seen a player get traded to a team, underachieve with that team, and still somehow energize that same team.

10) I believe wholeheartedly in Geno Smith as a QB, and in the New York Jets as a team . . . I think.

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The new PIT Fitness mobile app

There are no more excuses for not working out. The recent launch of the new PIT Fitness app, available for IPhone or Android is a must-have for anyone trying to get in shape or keep in shape.

The best fitness app on the market

The best fitness app on the market

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“Stop dreaming and start living your dreams. The time to transform yourself, is now.” – Trent Bender

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NFL Week 8 – Ten keen observations

* NFL Injury news – Oct 29, 2013, it was announced that Seattle Seahawks WR Sidney Rice is out for the season due to a torn ACL.

Sidney Rice goes down with torn ACL

Sidney Rice goes down with torn ACL

1) They just don’t make anterior cruciate ligaments like they used to.

2) There are about 10 excellent quarterbacks in the NFL. Below that are about 5 very good QB’s. Below that is some downright scary stuff.

3) Brandon Meriweather made a valid point, despite his extremely poor choice of words.

4) Calvin Johnson proved again, that he is a bad dude. Little wonder as to why Dez Bryant is jealous of him.

5) The Jacksonville Jaguars are a disgrace to American professional sports.

6) Gary Kubiak’s future with the Houston Texans, is dependent on the performance of Case Keenum.

7) The Dallas Cowboys deserve an award for most over-analyzed .500 team in the last 50 years of sports. Not just the NFL, but ALL sports.

8) The Kansas City Chiefs are headed for playoff disaster.

9) Those televised Trade deadline specials are a tremendously tedious awkward waste of airtime. Highlights from the last three trade deadline days; Carson Palmer (2011), Aqib Talib (2012), Isaac Sopoaga (2013). Decent players, but all in all, not enough to justify a TV special lasting several hours, complete with a countdown clock and multiple analysts desperately trying to fill the overabundance of airtime.

10) I no longer believe in Geno Smith as a QB, or the New York Jets as a team . . . I think.

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NFL Week 7 – Ten keen observations

NFL finally suspends Brandon Meriweather

NFL finally suspends Brandon Meriweather

1) The Bum Phillips-led Houston Oilers teams of the 1970′s really meant a lot to the NFL. Both Phillips and Bud Adams will be missed.

2) If Peyton Manning does not have a problem with Big games; then it must be that big games have a problem with him. Maybe that’s what Jim Irsay really meant.

3) In the case of Houston Texans‘ QB Case Keenum, Keenum made a great case for himself in the game against Kansas City. Matt Schaub had gone belly-up before his injury, and TJ Yates has proven time and again, that he is not capable of playing NFL caliber football. Let the Case Keenum era begin.

4) Don’t know which quarterbacks are worse, those named “TJ” (Rubley, Yates) or those named “Billy Joe” (Tolliver, Hobert).

5) Last season, Joe Flacco’s decision to wait until season’s end to sign a knew contract, turned out to be a great move. Jay Cutler’s decision to do the same thing this season, has turned out to be a not so great move – Cutler’s groin injury this past weekend will sideline him 4-6 weeks.

6) Barring injury, Andrew Luck is going to have a stellar NFL career.

7) I had forgotten just how dynamic and exciting RG III is when healthy.

8) The NFL made the right move in suspending Brandon Meriweather for 2 games, after two helmet to helmet infractions in the game vs Chicago. Meriweather has been a cheapshot artist for years, and there is NO OTHER player in the league who has so consistently used the helmet as a weapon.

9) Even with the loss of Reggie Wayne to an ACL injury, the Indianapolis Colts will run away with the AFC South division title.

10) Something ain’t right in Baltimore.

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NFL Week 6 – Ten keen observations

Randall Cobb injured on low hit

After six weeks of NFL Football, these things have become clear:

1) The NFL has overreacted to concussion concerns. When players are moving at full speed, changing directions while running, leaping, and changing body position while airborne, how exactly can a defender tackle and make sure there is no possibility of hitting the receiver above the shoulder pads ? The only sure way to avoid a penalty, is to go low. That said, expect knee injuries like the one absorbed by Randall Cobb, to become more prevalent.

2) The New England Patriots are the most resilient team in the NFL. Seriously, it took only two weeks to overcome the loss of Vince Wilfork, and for Tom Brady to start trusting his no-name receiving corps ?

3) The Houston Texans are finished. Back to the dark ages. My condolences to JJ Watt. Harsh lesson being taught to Ed Reed, in regards to hanging around too long. Head coach Gary Kubiak is about to enter the most uncomfortable few months of his life.

4) After a near flawless performance in victory over the Indianapolis Colts on MNF, it is nearly impossible to make heads or tails of the San Diego Chargers. They have losses to Houston, Tennessee, and Oakland. Victories over Philadelphia, Dallas, and Indianapolis.

5) Whenever the Dallas Cowboys reach .500, it is time to cue the Super Bowl talk.

6) The Baltimore Ravens have an identity crisis on their hands. Are they gonna pound the rock with Ray Rice, or let Joe Flacco air it out ? They had better figure it out soon. It is as though the ghost of Cam Cameron has taken over the offensive play-calling.

7) The 6-0 Kansas City Chiefs do have a soft schedule this season, but Andy Reid still deserves Coach-of-the-year honors to this point in the season. He clearly has the the players believing they can win every week.

8) The Buffalo Bills are cursed. How can one team lose that many starting QB’s in one season ? Next up, newly acquired recently-released-by-the-Oakland Raiders QB, Matt Flynn.

9) Chip Kelly will not admit it, but there IS a QB controversy brewing in Philadelphia. Michael Vick is the present, Nick Foles is the future. Question is, when does the future begin ?

10) If the Jacksonville Jaguars played with a purpose every week, they would still not be a great team, or even a good team, but they wouldn’t be a joke anymore either.

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NFL Week 5 – Ten Keen Observations

Winslow toe-tap beats Atlanta

Winslow toe-tap beats Atlanta

What has become apparent after five weeks of NFL Football :

1) The Dallas Cowboys are not going anywhere. Tony Romo is simply not capable of consistently executing crucial plays in the crucial moments of the game. Against the Denver Broncos, Romo threw for over 500 yards, and his team scored 48 pts, only to have Romo lose the game by throwing an interception on what should have been the game-winning drive – a microcosm of Romo’s career.

2) DT Vince Wilfork’s season-ending achilles injury may be more than the Patriots can handle. This was apparent when the Cincinnati Bengals went for it on fourth and goal from the one yard line (and scored) during this weekend’s 13-6 win over the Pats. No way would they have tried that, had the big man been in the middle.

3) Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is human after all.

4) Ed Reed spoiled what would have been a storybook ending to his Hall of fame career, when he signed with the Houston Texans in the offseason. He could have retired on the heels of winning his first Super Bowl (remember Jerome Bettis ?). Instead, he chose to squeeze the lemon dry. The Ed Reed currently playing in the NFL, is clearly just the empty shell of a former great NFL player.

5) Speaking of Houston, they do have a problem, and it ain’t gonna get fixed anytime soon.

6) Had rookie QB EJ Manuel not gotten injured, the AFC East would probably wind up being the most competitive division in Football. Much like the Cleveland Browns who lost QB Brian Hoyer, the Buffalo Bills can’t catch a break. Ironic, the teams lost their QB’s while playing against each other.

7) Since the Cleveland Browns traded Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts, neither team has lost a game.

8) QB Matt Flynn never was worth the hype, or the money, or . . . .

9) The Minnesota Vikings‘ acquisition of recently released QB Josh Freeman, wreaks of desperation.

10) When the New York Jets beat the Atlanta Falcons on MNF, it gave them a season win total which is greater than that of Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Washington, and the New York Giants, combined.

Click here for a listing of all 32 official NFL team websites.

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NFL Week 4 – Ten keen observations

Russell Wilson destroyed the Houston Texans

Russell Wilson destroyed the Houston Texans

1) QB Russell Wilson is well on his way to becoming a legend in Seattle. Already invincible at home, the Seahawks’ gutsy comeback win in Houston cemented their spot as an elite NFL team.

2) The Gary Kubiak/Matt Schaub combo will never get the Houston Texans to the Super Bowl. Kubiak’s questionable playcalling, combined with Schaub’s inability to make crucial plays at crucial times, is a recipe for disaster come playoff time.

3) Looking at the play of the New York Giants, Washington Redskins, and Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys‘ 2-2 record looks like an insurmountable division lead. If Cowboys finish 8-8, it would make their third straight year of finishing at .500. The third time may be the charm.

4) The 0-4 Pittsburgh Steelers are in a lot more trouble than I thought. The kind of trouble which might see Head coach Mike Tomlin out of work before season’s end.

5) The Atlanta Falcons are not going anywhere unless both Steven Jackson and Roddy White are healthy. Julio Jones is an incredible talent, but if Super Bowl is the goal, they are gonna need the whole squad.

6) The 4-0 New England Patriots are a darn tough team. Tom Brady is cruising through this rough test. Though there were tense moments as they squeezed out wins in the first three games, the big win in Atlanta this weekend was a great boost of confidence. Brady now seems much more comfortable with all his no-name wide receivers.

7) Chip Kelly is falling on his face in Philly. On Sunday, the Eagles gave up 52 points to Denver, and now have three straight losses. It is anyone’s guess as to which team will win the “Something’s gotta give” Bowl next week against the struggling New York Giants.

8) New York Giants’ Head coach Tom Coughlin has been on the hot seat before, but this time I really hope he is wearing flame retardant underwear.

9) Starting QB Brian Hoyer ? The Cleveland Browns trade their future “franchise” running back, start their backup quarterback, and win two games in a row ? Perhaps the Trent Richardson trade was unnecessary. All they really needed to do was bench Brandon Weeden.

10) Demoted Tampa Bay QB Josh Freeman clearly does not understand the intangibles of playing in the NFL. Forget about being a starting quarterback, does he really think the attitude he is displaying, is one that any NFL GM or Head coach would even want to have in the locker room ? He is about to learn a very harsh life lesson.

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