Los Angeles Kings update

Click here for all the latest on the L.A. Kings,from Charles E. Smith, Jr – The Producer of INSIDE SPORTS

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NHL Stanley Cup Conference final preview

Conference final is all set

Conference final is all set

It will be Los Angeles Kings vs Chicago Blackhawks in the Western Conference final, and the New York Rangers vs Montreal Canadiens in the Eastern Conference final. Click here for full story.

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Racist comments from Clippers owner Donald Sterling

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is now in hot water. Though in 2009 he was the recipient of a lifetime achievement award, courtesy of the NAACP, he is now going to be facing some tough questions regarding alleged racist comments. This was reported by ESPN, and the audio was provided by TMZ. Judge for yourself, Click here to listen.

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Latest from the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs

Playoff series are getting down to crunch time Colorado Avalanche v Minnesota Wild - Game Three

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2014 NHL Trade Deadline looms

Roberto Luongo and Tim Thomas will be teammates in Florida for at least one day

Roberto Luongo and Tim Thomas will be teammates in Florida for at least one day

Tweet So far, it has been about big name goalies. Ryan Miller was traded to St Louis on Saturday; Roberto Luongo was traded to Florida on Tuesday. The Trade deadline is on Wednesday, March 5. The names of Ryan Callahan, Ryan Kesler, Martin St Louis, Martin Brodeur, and Alex Edler, just to name a few, are still being tossed around.
Trade deadline is 3:00 pm ET on Wednesday, March 5.
Click here for more in-depth breakdown, on Examiner.com.

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NFL week 15 – Ten keen observations

Stafford and the Lions go down again -

Stafford and the Lions go down again -

Observations gathered from NFL games of Dec. 15-16, 2013

1) At some point, everyone is going to run out of excuses for Tony Romo’s late game meltdowns.

2) There is nothing the Detroit Lions can’t screw up. Since both the Bears and Packers lost their starting QB’s, the Lions have gone 1-4 (with NFL-high 19 turnovers), instead of taking control of the division.

3) Amidst all the coaching drama, it has gone virtually unnoticed, that the Houston Texans have lost 12 straight, and guaranteed themselves at least a tie for worst record in the league. For all intents and purposes, they should be 0-14.

4) The Baltimore Ravens have the heart of a champion. If they make the playoffs, don’t be surprised if they do something spectacular. They have won four straight.

5) I do not trust Calvin Johnson to come up big in a big game.

6) I will be shocked if the Seattle Seahawks do not make it to the Super Bowl.

7) What I said last week, about Peyton Manning playing in the snow, still applies.

8) The Philadelphia Eagles can be forgiven for somehow losing to the Vikings, but should not be forgiven if they do not win the NFC East division.

9) For the third week in a row, the Cleveland Browns proved they are just a pathetic bunch of losers.

10) The Miami Dolphins may not make the playoffs this season, but their future looks awfully bright.

** NFL notes from Dec 16 and 17: 1) Bears DB Charles Tillman (torn triceps) – Out for season. 2) Bears LB Lance Briggs (shoulder) – expected to play this weekend. 3) WR’s Larry Fitzgerald – AZ Cards, and Victor Cruz – NY Giants are being evaluated for concussions. 4) Bengals punter Kevin Huber suffered broken jaw and cracked vertebrae after blindside hit from Steelers’ LB Terence Gavin. 5) Steelers LB Lamaar Woodley (calf) will not play vs Packers this weekend. 6) Jags WR Cecil Shorts (groin) has been placed on IR. 7) Packers QB Aaron Rodgers (collarbone) will be evaluated later this week, and may be cleared to play this weekend.

Live betting odds provided by SportsBettingOnline

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NFL Week 14 – Ten keen observations

**NFL news/notes released Dec 9/Dec 10: 1) Indianapolis Colts signed RB Tashard Choice. 2) AZ Cards rookie DB Tyrann Mathieu (torn ACL/LCL) out for season. 3) Denver Broncos WR Wes Welker (concussion) unlikely to play Thursday vs San Diego. 4) New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski (torn ACL) out for season. 5) Miami Dolphins starting DB Dimitri Patterson (groin) out for season. 6) Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson (mid-foot sprain) unlikely to play this weekend – Xray/MRI revealed no lisfranc injury or fracture.

Too much snow for Megatron

Too much snow for Megatron

1) Snow games are awesome. Just ask LeSean McCoy.

2) Tony Romo is NOT a clutch QB – throw out as many stats as you like, it still doesn’t make it so.

3) If the Minnesota Vikings ever start believing in themselves, they might not be half-bad.

4) Had Steelers‘ WR Antonio Brown not stepped out of bounds on the final play against Miami, the TD still would not have counted – Roethlisberger made an illegal forward pass, which would have nullified the score.

5) The DC meltdown is complete. Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan is done. To avoid an ugly public divorce, he should probably just resign because of “personal reasons”.

6) The only thing missing from the last two mins of the Vikings/Ravens game, was the network switching to ‘Heidi’.

7) Peyton Manning can play well in the snow against a lousy team like Tennessee. He just can’t play well in the snow against a good team in a playoff game.

8) The Cleveland Browns are losers, plain and simple. Forget the questionable PI call at the end; all they had to do was cover the onside kick which the entire planet knew was coming, and the game would have been over. Josh Gordon’s considerable talents are being wasted.

9) Jeff Triplette made the worst phantom TD call since Bill Leavy in Super Bowl XL.

10) The NFL starts haphazardly penalizing and fining defensive players for high hits, and now there is a concern over the increasing number of low hits. Who coulda seen that coming ?

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Bulls Derrick Rose is out for the season

Derrick Rose - Again done for season

Derrick Rose – Again done for season

*NBA news: Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose is again out for the season after undergoing knee surgery.
Click here for full story on NBC Sports.

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Anaheim Ducks beat Tampa Bay

Ryan Getzlaf provided late game heroics on Nov 22, 2013

Getzlaf comes up BIG

Getzlaf comes up BIG

- Click here to read full story on Examiner.com

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NFL Week 10 – Ten keen observations

NFL honors Military Vets

* NFL news – On Tuesday, Nov 12 2013, the Houston Texans announced they would part ways with former All-pro safety Ed Reed (Reed signed with New York Jets on Nov 13). Houston also announced that starting running back Arian Foster has been put on season-ending IR.

1) Ed Reed has made an unholy mess of what could have been a Hollywood ending to his Hall of fame career.

2) Whether they lose on the last drive, or get blown out, the Dallas Cowboys cannot survive against high-scoring teams.

3) The Jonathan Martin case just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.

4) I had forgotten that Carolina had a record of 1-3 after four games.

5) The Detroit Lions are actually going to win the NFC North. Yes, those Detroit Lions.

6) I wouldn’t bet against the 3-6 New York Giants to win the NFC East. If “Big Blue” wins next two games, they will have the same record as the Dallas Cowboys.

7) Whoever picked St. Louis, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay on their parlay ticket, turned a tidy profit.

8) In it’s quest for more scoring, the NFL has created an environment in which officials will penalize the defense for anything at anytime, without the slightest bit of hesitation, and no fear of consequences.

9) If you are a former NFL QB not named Matt Leinart, stay in shape. Some team out there may be calling you soon, as evidenced by Matt Flynn just having signed with the Green Bay Packers.

10) The NFL did a great job honoring all the Military veterans this past weekend. I am proud to have served.

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