NFL Week 6 – Ten keen observations

Randall Cobb injured on low hit

After six weeks of NFL Football, these things have become clear:

1) The NFL has overreacted to concussion concerns. When players are moving at full speed, changing directions while running, leaping, and changing body position while airborne, how exactly can a defender tackle and make sure there is no possibility of hitting the receiver above the shoulder pads ? The only sure way to avoid a penalty, is to go low. That said, expect knee injuries like the one absorbed by Randall Cobb, to become more prevalent.

2) The New England Patriots are the most resilient team in the NFL. Seriously, it took only two weeks to overcome the loss of Vince Wilfork, and for Tom Brady to start trusting his no-name receiving corps ?

3) The Houston Texans are finished. Back to the dark ages. My condolences to JJ Watt. Harsh lesson being taught to Ed Reed, in regards to hanging around too long. Head coach Gary Kubiak is about to enter the most uncomfortable few months of his life.

4) After a near flawless performance in victory over the Indianapolis Colts on MNF, it is nearly impossible to make heads or tails of the San Diego Chargers. They have losses to Houston, Tennessee, and Oakland. Victories over Philadelphia, Dallas, and Indianapolis.

5) Whenever the Dallas Cowboys reach .500, it is time to cue the Super Bowl talk.

6) The Baltimore Ravens have an identity crisis on their hands. Are they gonna pound the rock with Ray Rice, or let Joe Flacco air it out ? They had better figure it out soon. It is as though the ghost of Cam Cameron has taken over the offensive play-calling.

7) The 6-0 Kansas City Chiefs do have a soft schedule this season, but Andy Reid still deserves Coach-of-the-year honors to this point in the season. He clearly has the the players believing they can win every week.

8) The Buffalo Bills are cursed. How can one team lose that many starting QB’s in one season ? Next up, newly acquired recently-released-by-the-Oakland Raiders QB, Matt Flynn.

9) Chip Kelly will not admit it, but there IS a QB controversy brewing in Philadelphia. Michael Vick is the present, Nick Foles is the future. Question is, when does the future begin ?

10) If the Jacksonville Jaguars played with a purpose every week, they would still not be a great team, or even a good team, but they wouldn’t be a joke anymore either.

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NFL Week 5 – Ten Keen Observations

Winslow toe-tap beats Atlanta

Winslow toe-tap beats Atlanta

What has become apparent after five weeks of NFL Football :

1) The Dallas Cowboys are not going anywhere. Tony Romo is simply not capable of consistently executing crucial plays in the crucial moments of the game. Against the Denver Broncos, Romo threw for over 500 yards, and his team scored 48 pts, only to have Romo lose the game by throwing an interception on what should have been the game-winning drive – a microcosm of Romo’s career.

2) DT Vince Wilfork’s season-ending achilles injury may be more than the Patriots can handle. This was apparent when the Cincinnati Bengals went for it on fourth and goal from the one yard line (and scored) during this weekend’s 13-6 win over the Pats. No way would they have tried that, had the big man been in the middle.

3) Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is human after all.

4) Ed Reed spoiled what would have been a storybook ending to his Hall of fame career, when he signed with the Houston Texans in the offseason. He could have retired on the heels of winning his first Super Bowl (remember Jerome Bettis ?). Instead, he chose to squeeze the lemon dry. The Ed Reed currently playing in the NFL, is clearly just the empty shell of a former great NFL player.

5) Speaking of Houston, they do have a problem, and it ain’t gonna get fixed anytime soon.

6) Had rookie QB EJ Manuel not gotten injured, the AFC East would probably wind up being the most competitive division in Football. Much like the Cleveland Browns who lost QB Brian Hoyer, the Buffalo Bills can’t catch a break. Ironic, the teams lost their QB’s while playing against each other.

7) Since the Cleveland Browns traded Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts, neither team has lost a game.

8) QB Matt Flynn never was worth the hype, or the money, or . . . .

9) The Minnesota Vikings‘ acquisition of recently released QB Josh Freeman, wreaks of desperation.

10) When the New York Jets beat the Atlanta Falcons on MNF, it gave them a season win total which is greater than that of Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Washington, and the New York Giants, combined.

Click here for a listing of all 32 official NFL team websites.

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NFL Week 4 – Ten keen observations

Russell Wilson destroyed the Houston Texans

Russell Wilson destroyed the Houston Texans

1) QB Russell Wilson is well on his way to becoming a legend in Seattle. Already invincible at home, the Seahawks’ gutsy comeback win in Houston cemented their spot as an elite NFL team.

2) The Gary Kubiak/Matt Schaub combo will never get the Houston Texans to the Super Bowl. Kubiak’s questionable playcalling, combined with Schaub’s inability to make crucial plays at crucial times, is a recipe for disaster come playoff time.

3) Looking at the play of the New York Giants, Washington Redskins, and Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys‘ 2-2 record looks like an insurmountable division lead. If Cowboys finish 8-8, it would make their third straight year of finishing at .500. The third time may be the charm.

4) The 0-4 Pittsburgh Steelers are in a lot more trouble than I thought. The kind of trouble which might see Head coach Mike Tomlin out of work before season’s end.

5) The Atlanta Falcons are not going anywhere unless both Steven Jackson and Roddy White are healthy. Julio Jones is an incredible talent, but if Super Bowl is the goal, they are gonna need the whole squad.

6) The 4-0 New England Patriots are a darn tough team. Tom Brady is cruising through this rough test. Though there were tense moments as they squeezed out wins in the first three games, the big win in Atlanta this weekend was a great boost of confidence. Brady now seems much more comfortable with all his no-name wide receivers.

7) Chip Kelly is falling on his face in Philly. On Sunday, the Eagles gave up 52 points to Denver, and now have three straight losses. It is anyone’s guess as to which team will win the “Something’s gotta give” Bowl next week against the struggling New York Giants.

8) New York Giants’ Head coach Tom Coughlin has been on the hot seat before, but this time I really hope he is wearing flame retardant underwear.

9) Starting QB Brian Hoyer ? The Cleveland Browns trade their future “franchise” running back, start their backup quarterback, and win two games in a row ? Perhaps the Trent Richardson trade was unnecessary. All they really needed to do was bench Brandon Weeden.

10) Demoted Tampa Bay QB Josh Freeman clearly does not understand the intangibles of playing in the NFL. Forget about being a starting quarterback, does he really think the attitude he is displaying, is one that any NFL GM or Head coach would even want to have in the locker room ? He is about to learn a very harsh life lesson.

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NFL Week 3 – Ten keen observations

10 keen observations

10 keen observations

This column will run weekly throughout the 2013 NFL season, with a general focus on how teams and players are developing as the season progresses.

After Three weeks of NFL Football:

1) Peyton Manning is clearly the NFL’s Poster boy, and thus can do no wrong. During the Denver Broncos MNF win over Oakland, ESPN broadcast analyst John Gruden took the time to again blame safety Rahim Moore for Denver’s playoff loss last season, while singing the praises of the Broncos’ QB; meaning that somehow, Manning throwing a Pick-six in regulation time, and then another interception in OT of that playoff game, has been deemed inconsequential.

2) The Pittsburgh Steelers are in trouble this season, but the Minnesota Vikings are in trouble long term. The Vikings are proving themselves a one dimensional Adrian-Peterson-centric team. The situation is not going to change anytime soon. Losing to a Cleveland team which has no QB, and just traded away it’s Star running back, seriously ? Christian Ponder is not the answer at QB, and Peterson is going to find out exactly how Barry Sanders felt during his years in Detroit.

3) It is about time for fans of the New York Giants to fire up the “Fire Tom Coughlin” campaign. This normally results in a win streak, and a playoff run.

4) The Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ season is in shambles. Players on both sides of the ball, are befuddled and upset. Head coach Greg Schiano is the luckiest man of all – Unlike the rest of the team, a month from now he will be gone, and won’t have to suffer through the entire 2013 campaign.

5) The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-0, but have yet to play a team which made the playoffs last season. In fact, 2012 playoff teams will account for only five of the 16 regular season games they will play this season.

6) Are the 3-0 Miami Dolphins may be for real ? We will soon find out. Their next five games will be against New Orleans, Baltimore, Buffalo, New England, and Cincinnati. Win, lose or draw, the upcoming MNF contest in New Orleans will reveal much about the team’s character.

7) The Trent Richardson trade was a huge deal for the Indianapolis Colts. Richardson made an immediate impact, as he scored a TD in his first game as a Colt. Though the second-year RB rushed for only 35 total yds, there seems to be a newfound confidence within the team. Trent also seems more upbeat and positive than he ever was in Cleveland.

8) The Baltimore Ravens showed the true heart of a champion, as they smoked the Houston Texans 30-9, despite the absence of both Ray Rice and Jacoby Jones. I will say it again, there is a certain intangible element missing from the Texans team. Houston is very lucky to be 2-1, when they so richly deserve to be 0-3. They should send fruit baskets to both the Chargers and Titans.

9) Hard to believe the San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons, New York Giants, Washington Redskins and Pittsburgh Steelers have a combined record of 3-15.

10) Color New York Jets fans “cautiously optimistic” about the team’s 2-1 start. Rookie QB Geno Smith has shown signs of maturation and potential, but so far has thrown 3 TD’s and 6 INT’s.

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NFL Week 2 – Ten keen observations

10 keen observations

10 keen observations

This column will run weekly throughout the 2013 NFL season, with a general focus on how teams and players are developing as the season progresses.

1) The Dallas Cowboys appear headed for yet another up and down season, which will again see Super Bowl talk intermittently sprinkled amidst a plethora of uneven performances. They went 8-8 the last two seasons. Three in a row ?

2) The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not ready for primetime, the New Orleans Saints are. Execution (and lack thereof) on critical plays, has left the Bucs at 0-2, and the Saints at 2-0.

3) Peyton Manning again spanked little brother Eli. The elder Manning definitely ranks amongst the best REGULAR season QB’s ever, but his career playoff record of 9-11 still leaves him out of any “greatest of all time” discussions, despite his ONE ring.

4) Russell Wilson will not fall victim of the sophomore jinx. He was poised, calm and cool as his team destroyed the hated San Francisco 49ers. The Seattle Seahawks remain invincible in their home stadium.

5) Unless Robert Griffin III regains his full mobility soon, the 0-2 Washington Redskins are headed nowhere. RG III has a great arm, and already reads defenses better than most, but without the threat of his legs, there simply is not enough offensive talent on the roster. They could also use help in the defensive backfield.

6) Ryan Tannehill of the Miami Dolphins is well on his way to becoming a solid NFL QB. The win over Indianapolis was critical in that he did not crack under the pressure of a back and forth dogfight in the opponent’s arena. Last season, Tannehill was outplayed in a close midseason loss to the Colts and never seemed to recover.

7) The Green Bay Packers are going to play at a very high level this season. They appear to have, as a team, rededicated themselves to playing great football.

8) The Houston Texans are still missing a certain “something”which is found on true championship teams. They are 2-0, but struggling mightily to win games. WR Andre Johnson may soon again be on the mend. On defense, JJ Watt and Brian Cushing anchor the first two levels, but FS Ed Reed has still yet to suit up for a regular season game in 2013. Reed was expected to stabilize the defensive backfield.

9) The Atlanta Falcons are flying under the radar. They did a great job of addressing the team’s needs this offseason. WR’s Julio Jones and Roddy White are simply too much for most defenses. If RB Stephen Jackson stays healthy, the sky’s the limit. Don’t forget, they also added Osi Umenyiora on defense.

10) The New York Giants are 0-2, but don’t count them out just yet, in a division where the top two teams are 1-1. WR Victor Cruz is refreshingly proving he was worth every nickel of his new contract. IF the team can develop any kind of consistency in the running game, they will become a factor as the season progresses.

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Cheers & Boos RETURNING SOON!!!

Football season went away in February and so did Cheers & Boos.
Football season will be back soon and so will Cheers & Boos.

-Jake Stevens

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August should be a hot one

The month of July is winding down. Phil Mickelson won the British Open. Andy Murray became the first British male to win Wimbledon since Fred Perry in 1936.

Click here for all the action !

Click here for all the action !

The Major League Baseball All-Star game was a classic in which Mariano Rivera made what appeared to be a farewell appearance on the mound, and then on the downside, had to deal with the whole Ryan Braun issue. In hockey, the city of Chicago is still savoring the sweet taste of champagne sipped from the Stanley Cup. In the NBA, Lebron James may finally be silencing his critics, though many haters will just hate for the sake of hating (that’s what makes them “haters”).

The biggest offseason news in sports was in the NHL – Ilya Kovalchuk ditching the NHL‘s New Jersey Devils to play in the lesser talented KHL in Russia. Ilya had 11 years and $77 mil remaining on his NHL contract.

The biggest non-sports related sports news was of course, the arrest of New England Patriots’ Tight end Aaron Hernandez, in connection with a murder investigation.

August will bring FOOTBALL ! NFL training camps officially opened during the weekend of July 21. Preseason NFL games begin on Sun, Aug 4, with the annual Hall of Fame game, which this year will feature the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins.

In the AFC, some wonder how the Patriot’s will do, with TE Hernandez having been released from the team, and TE Rob Gronkowski’s history of injuries, combined with the loss of Wes Welker to free agency (Denver). Who will be the new go-to guy for Tom Brady ? In Miami, with the addition of speedy wideout Mike Wallace, are the Dolphins ready to challenge for the division title ? Can the Pittsburgh Steelers overcome the loss of James Harrison on defense ?

In the NFC, now that defensive coordinators have had a full offseason to study the read-option offenses run with so much success last season, will San Francisco 49ers’ QB Colin Kaepernick be able to duplicate his success of last season ? How about RGIII in Washington, with his surgically repaired right knee ? In Seattle, will Russell Wilson fall victim to the “sophomore jinx” ?

The regular season will kickoff on Thursday, Sep 5, with a juicy rematch of this year’s AFC divisional round game between the reigning Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos. Peyton Manning threw two critical interceptions when the teams met in Denver on Jan 12, 2013, leading to a bitter 38-35 loss in OT. Despite his overwhelming reg season success, Manning now has a career playoff record of only 9-11; the worst career postseason winning percentage of any former Super Bowl winning QB in NFL history. Having already lost stud defensive sackmaster Elvis Dumervil in the offseason (Baltimore), Denver is also going to have to deal with a 4-game suspension of All-Pro linebacker Von Miller for violating NFL policy. Baltimore lost Ray Lewis to retirement, and Ed Reed to the Houston Texans.

NCAA football kicks off in August as well, as Head coach Nick Saban and his Alabama Crimson Tide set their sights on a third straight National Championship.

Summer is heating up. Get all the latest on all the teams in every sport, and get in on the action, by going to betting sites, to get all the info. Make an informed decision, and enjoy the summer.

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Kovalchuk quits the NHL

It's been real -

It’s been real -

Ilya Kovalchuk signed a mega $$ deal with New Jersey Devils at 2010 trade deadline. As it turns out, he just doesn’t have the heart. Why go thru the grind of playing with the best hockey players in the world, when you can make $20 mil a year playing in a league in which the talent level is much lower ? Sometimes the gutless do get a nice payoff. Click here for story.

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Terrific month of May coming up

The month of May will be a sports lover’s paradise. No matter your taste, there will be something for everyone. In fact, after reading this, you may well want to check out the top 5 sports betting sites.Top Sports Betting Sites
May 4 will be the 139th running of the Kentucky Derby, the first leg of horse racing’s Triple crown. After an afternoon of sipping mint juleps while watching the “run for the roses”, get ready to for an evening of pizza and beer, as boxing gets underway. Floyd “Money” Mayweather gets into the ring with upstart Robert Guerrero. Floyd will attempt to put on yet another clinic in what has become known as the “Sweet science”.
If basketball is your thing, the NBA playoffs, which began on April 20, will be in full swing ,as Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and the rest of the Miami Heat vie for another ring. The Heat are looking for a third straight trip to the NBA final, and a second straight championship. Many are predicting an NBA finals rematch with the Oklahoma City Thunder, but rest assured, the Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, San Antonio Spurs, and Los Angeles Clippers will be heard from before all is said and done.
On the ice, the NHL‘s Stanley Cup playoffs begin on April 30. The reigning Stanley Cup winning Los Angeles Kings will be looking to prove last year was no fluke, even though they were the first ever eighth-seeded team to capture the holy grail. The Kings are poised and ready to repeat, but standing in their way, the Chicago Blackhawks, Pittsburgh Penguins, Anaheim Ducks, Boston Bruins, and Montreal Canadiens have all played great hockey this season.
In the midst of all the hoops, hockey, and boxing action, the second leg of the horse racing Triple crown, the Preakness Stakes, will run on May 18. There has not been a Triple Crown winner since “Affirmed” beat “Alydar” by a nose in all three races in 1978 (the Belmont stakes will take place in June)
All the while, Major League baseball will be on tap every night as well.
So get settled in, check out the topbet sportsbook review and enjoy the beautiful weather and terrific sports action. May is almost underway

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2013 Kentucky Derby

It is that time of year again.

Bets Up !

Frequently referred to as “The greatest two minutes in sports”, and “The Run for the Roses”- May 4th, 2013 will mark the 139th running of the historic Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY.
This is the first leg of horse racing’s “Triple Crown”. The Preakness stakes will run just two weeks later, on May 18th. The Belmont stakes takes place just three weeks after the Preakness.
The most recent Triple Crown winner, was “Affirmed”, in 1978.
“I’ll Have Another” was last year’s Derby winner, with a time of 2:01.83.
“Secretariat” still holds the course record with a time of 1:59.40 in 1973.
In no particular order, here are some of the Thoroughbreds thought to have at least a fighting chance at winning this year’s 1 1/4 mile (10 furlong) extravaganza:

Governor Charlie
Normandy Invasion
Code West
Hear the Ghost
Will Take Charge
Shanghai Bobby
Java’s War
Power Broker
Palace Malice
War Academy

So get ready to sip your Mint julep while chatting with beautiful ladies in big floppy hats.
This is the biggest race of the year. Keep tabs on your favorite horses and get all the latest odds at live Kentucky Derby bets 2013

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